Having completed her business degree from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, Arushi infused her extensive comprehension and passion for art with entrepreneurship and commerce. Arushi’s extensive knowledge of the art world came from first hand witnessing the workings of organizations like Sotheby’s and Christies through their top personnel in New Delhi, London and Los Angeles. At sixteen, Arushi authored her first book, “Talking Art by Arushi Kapoor” that is a part of several libraries including the Tate Modern in London. She continued expanding her comprehension by working for organizations like Revolver Gallery, Artbook at Hauser and Wirth and Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. 

Arushi founded ARTSop, an online catalog connecting buyers and sellers that evolved to an inventory management software, and extended art curatorial and consultancy services. 

As the director of Arushi Arts, USA, Arushi has hosted previews and exhibited in art fairs in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Bombay and New Delhi. As an art consultant, she has simulated emotionally engaging environments in the residential, hospitality and institutional settings. 

Arushi Kapoor covers all art genres and works with high end established fine artists. For more information or to set a private confidential consultation email [email protected] or call +1 213 440 2700

Art Advisor, Art Gallery owner Arushi Kapoor

Arushi Kapoor 

Founder & CEO, ARTSop

  The Service provides a mobile and online catalog for art items by credible individual entities in which galleries and artists can upload photos of and list their artworks/creations in an interactive setting and consumers can browse and provide their information to connect with the individual entities for further discussion purchase such items.

Author, Talking Art by Arushi Kapoor

  Talking Art by Arushi Kapoor is a book of interviews of Indian Contemporary Artists that sheds light on the acceptance and change of in their everyday lives. 

Art Dealer & Director, Arushi Arts Gallery, USA

  A passion for Indian Art and a want to showcase it to the western world led to the first Indian Art exhibition in Los Angeles, California and creation of Arushi Arts Gallery, USA.